Full Truckload / Truckload Van

Landstar Truckload Van Service

Truckload Van

Whether you require a single tractor-trailer or a fleet of equipment to support a drop-and-hook operation, we’ve got you covered for the short or long haul. We serve all of the major gateways and provide through-trailer service to Mexico and cross-border solutions into and out of Canada.

As a part of the Landstar network, our customers have access to more than:

  • 9,800+ leased owner-operator trucks
  • 18,000 pieces of trailing equipment
  • 76,600+ other approved truckload capacity providers

We are your single point of contact for all of your transportation needs. With Reno Logistics, Inc., you can expect safe, on-time truckload services.


Truckload van or full truckload transportation is suitable for a wide range of cargo and freight that can fill an entire truck trailer. This method is commonly used for:

Manufactured Goods: Finished products, such as electronics, appliances, furniture, clothing, and other consumer goods, are often shipped to their final retailer via truckload.

Raw Materials: Bulk shipments of raw materials like steel, lumber, and textiles.

Automotive Parts: Auto manufacturers and suppliers use truckload transportation for the shipment of vehicle components.

Building Materials: Lumber, cement, roofing materials, bricks, and other construction materials.

Food and Beverage Products: Non-perishable food items, beverages, and packaged goods are often transported via truckload. See our Cold Chain solutions for perishables that need temperature-controlled shipping.

Paper Products: Large quantities of paper, including newsprint, packaging materials, and office paper.

Pharmaceuticals: Large shipments of pharmaceutical products, excluding temperature-sensitive items, are moved using full truckload services. See our Cold Chain solutions for pharmaceuticals that need temperature-controlled shipping.

Truckload van or full truckload transportation is particularly efficient when shipping large volumes of goods that warrant the use of an entire truck, providing a direct and dedicated route for the shipment. This mode of transport is characterized by its cost-effectiveness for high-volume shipments and is well-suited for a variety of industries and product types.