Safe Hazmat Shipments for Shipping Hazardous Materials

Landstar Hazardous Materials Services

Hazardous Materials

Shippers of hazardous materials should be very selective when choosing a hazmat carrier. Landstar is one of the largest and safest truckload carriers in the nation, which is why customers trust us with haz-mat shipments.

Landstar enforces stringent qualification and compliance requirements on its leased independent owner-operators that go beyond what state and federal laws require. In fact, all of Landstar’s independent owner-operators are required to obtain and maintain hazmat certification.

You can trust that Reno Logistics, Inc. will get your hazardous materials delivered compliantly, safely and on-time.

Hazardous materials that require extra care during transportation:

Hazardous materials or hazmat shipping pertains to transporting items classified as potentially hazardous or dangerous due to their chemical, physical, or biological properties. These items necessitate specialized handling and compliance with stringent regulations for safe transport. Some items requiring hazmat shipping include:

Chemicals: Various industrial chemicals, corrosives, solvents, and cleaning agents fall under hazardous materials due to their potential to cause damage.

Batteries: Lithium batteries, lead-acid batteries, and other battery types that are classified as hazardous due to their potential for chemical reactions or leaks.

Infectious Substances: Biological materials, including infectious samples or medical waste, require hazmat handling due to their potential health risks.

Explosives: Flammable or explosive materials like fireworks, ammunition, and certain chemicals used in industrial processes fall under hazmat classifications.

Gases: Compressed gases, such as propane, butane, and other industrial gases, require special precautions during transport.